Re: [xml] Multithread behaviour on Solaris

On Thu, Jun 07, 2001 at 10:41:20AM +0200, Fabrice DESRE - FT.BD/FTRD/DMI/GRI wrote:

 I'm using libxml/libxslt on Solaris in a multithreaded
application and found an easy to fix bug : The _REENTRANT
flag has to be specified when compiling the library to
avoid inconsistent behaviour of errno.
  Including <errno.h> with _REENTRANT defined make errno
a macro that gets the correct value when in a thread.
Otherwise you always get 0 :-(

  Hum, what should be used as the result of config.guess
for Solaris so I can add it to .
  I assume adding the _REENTRANT define won't have other side
effects and can be used in a safe way. Well actually if Gary
could confirm it's a safe thing to do in general I would feel
better adding this :-)

 I also noticed that trio.c define errno as an extern int,
which is not the correct way.

  Hum, maybe Bjorn can have a look at this, it seems trio 
includes errno.h so maybe this definition is done only in a
fallback case.


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