Re: [xml] setting the default charset ?

On Mon, Jul 30, 2001 at 04:57:18PM +0200, Thomas Broyer wrote:
Some servers recode files on the fly, they do not modify their content (so
don't modify the encoding declaration).
That's the reason why the encoding declaration at protocol level is
And some servers always send an 8859-1 encoding http header even when it's
incorrect -- this was a major problem with HTML, and we tried hard to
make it not a problem with XML.

The URL Daniel referenced,
is for the HTML spec and does not apply to XML.

The encoding declaration in XML must override any other.

This does become a problem for XHTML, where maybe we have
conflicting rules.  But anything translating the encoding of
an XML document must change the XML declaration.  ANy other
behaviour is broken.



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