RE: [xml] Win32/MSVC Facelift

   I assume on non Windows/MSC those would just be empty.

Yes, I'm not sure about cgywin's requirements though.

   I not against tagging all include files this way (but I need
to check first it won't destroy the doc building system).
   On the other hand speading them in all the C files is not 
a pleasant
feeling. I may be convinced to go this route, but I would prefer to
avoid this.

If we make a rule that libxml must always be compiled using the /Gd flag
(use __cdecl calling convention) then the macro would only be needed in the
headers.  I don't think anyone would argue with that rule.  This allows
programs importing libxml to know that the call type is __cdecl from the
headers for libxml functions, but the .c source is untouched.  

This way we remove the need for the .def.src and have a consistent way to
import/export both functions and variables.


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