RE: [xml] Win32/MSVC Facelift

Hello there.

Igor, thanks a lot for the work on win32 stuff, it's really 
helpful (for
me in particular but I guess for many other people as well).

There is nothing to thank for. I did nothing compared to what others did
and besides that, the work is particularily useful for me as well :-)) 

The reason was: xmlversion.h is generated from by
automake. This means that you couldn't build libxml straight from CVS
checkout with MSVC. You would either have to generate xmlversion.h on
*nix or install cygwin. Not very attractive proposition for an average
MSVC user. I asked Daniel to make it possible to compile libxml and
libxslt straight from CVS under windows and he kindly generated
xmlwin32version.h for that purpose.

Okay, that is a good point. I cannot generate it myself :-))

It just puzzles me that I found a pregenerated xmlversion.h in every CVS
I downloaded so far. There were versions in the past which didn't have
it and even configure complained about it on Linux, but recent versions,
including CVS, have pregenerated xmlversion.h.

Okay, then we shall remove MSVC specifics from xmlversion.h and take
care that xmlwin32version.h remains up-to-date.

By the way, exists. Does that mean that
xmlwin32version.h is being generated as well? If so, shouldn't we be
doing diffs on that .in file instead when we change something?


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