[xml] xmlParseMemory return a tree with node type set to zero.


I'm newbie in xml and I have a problem when I want to use libxml on an
arm processor.
The version I use is libxml-1.8.9 because the application that needs
libxml is not compatible with libxlm2.

When i am parsing a wml page, xmlParseMemory returns a tree with nodes
set up as this:
- for child node: type is set to 0;
- for next node: type is not define and I receive the SIGSEV signal when
I attempt to access it.

If I parse the same wml page on an intel processor, xmlParseMemory will
return a correct tree. So the error didn't come from my wml page.

There should be something incompatible with arm in the function that
defines node type, it should access a wrong memory address or something
like that.
But I didn't find which function defines node type in xmlParseMemory.
So I wonder several questions:
-Is xmlParseMemory the function that build the tree? If not, which is
-Which function set node type? I have found xmlNewText in tree.c but I
haven't found how xmlParseMemory call it.

Does someone have some experience in that?

I would be very obliged if someone could answer me.


Paul Gounot.

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