Re: [xml] XMLSchema?

Daniel Veillard wrote:

  Good question. Here is an attempt at the answer:
   1/ I'm now back to 40% of my time working on libxml/libxslt (from nearly

May I ask what do you do 60% of the time now? ;-)

 2/ looks good, I hope I have successfully delegated the EXSLT part :-),
and that it will enter a quiet maintenance mode now.

Pardon my ignorance, but what is EXSLT?

 So basically I hope to be able to start working on it in August, but
it may take time to complete. It is complex, it is not a simple function,
and I'm still wondering how I will be able to store the PSVI (Post Schemas
Validation Infoset) informations in the existing tree without breaking
binary compatibility, if I can !

Heh! Good enough for me! ;-)
At the moment I'm using Xerces/Java to validate my schemas. It's @#$@ SLOW for large/complex schemas! I hope to standardize all my XML/XSLT needs on libxml/libxslt...

OBTW, to you and the other developers, please keep up the good work!

It's very much appreciated and has become part of (at least on my part)

our application infrastructure.

Wai-Sun "Squidster" Chia
Unix/Web Developer/RHCE
Professional Services

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