[xml] Create PIC static library?

Hi XMLers,

Since I find it useful to include a static version of
libxml in a shared library/DLL, I wonder if it is
possible to add so it creates a PIC compiled, static
library (on at least UNIX platforms)?

What I want to do is that the following is run when
creating the libraries:

ar cru .libs/libxml2_pic.a SAX.lo entities.lo
encoding.lo error.lo parserInternals.lo parser.lo
 hash.lo list.lo xmlIO.lo xmlmemory.lo uri.lo valid.lo
xlink.lo HTMLparser.lo HTMLtree.lo debugXML.lo
xpath.lo xpo
inter.lo xinclude.lo nanohttp.lo nanoftp.lo
DOCBparser.lo catalog.lo

Thank you.


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