[xml] ANN: libxml2 for pascal

Hello all XML developers,

I would like to announce that I just started a project at 
SourceForge that should make the libxml2 library accessible from 
pascal programs (under Kylix/Delphi, FreePascal etc.)

The C headers were translated with h2pas utility from fpc, then 
brushed and corrected... but there is still a lot of work there.

Hereby I invite all interrested developers, to help me with 
bringing this unit into life.
The current state is: COMPILABLE, but untested, and most 
functions probably DO NOT WORK yet.

The project's address is:

Any communication concerning this project should take place at 
this mailing list:
libxml2-pas-devel lists sourceforge net (it will work since 

Use this link to subscribe/unsubscribe:

Looking forward for your submissions,
Petr Kozelka

Letali jste nekdy na vlnach? My ano!

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