Re: [xml] Format/indent w/libxml2

If I write a normal XML document via libxml2 it isn't well indented. I
do get output files like the one attached.
PS: It's all about Semerkent (CVS module semerkent): Everytime I create
xml documents with libxml2 I do get such "messed" XML documents..
  It's not messed up. It just didn't 'invented' content which was
not there. Have you read the doc ? 

Shame on me: no.

  Answer: fix your code to insert blanks where needed
  Alternative: use xmlSaveFormatFile ()

Ok, I use xmlSaveFormatFile now: hm, the "format" argument has influence
on the indentation as far as I could test (1, 2 do make a difference).

But what do you mean by "insert blanks" -- should I fill up the node
contents with blanks to get a nearwhise better indentation?
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