[xml] Re: configure libxml2-2.3.9/

On Thu, Jul 05, 2001 at 11:26:39AM +0200, Vanguelov, Krassimir wrote:
Dear Daniel

I downloaded the package libxml2-2.3.9/ and I am now trying to compile it.
I have problems running the configure script. The error messages received
look bizarre:
"2562: syntax error '(' unexpected"
I'll appreciate your help.

Thank you very much in advance

  I think it's the third time I answer your exact same question (the 2 other
time privately).
  This is a known bug. It had been reported (checking the archives would
help), it had been fixed, and there have been already 4 releases since it
was considered closed.
  Grab 2.3.14 on ftp://xmlsoft.org/ 

  I have updated the bug reporting instructions on the web site as a


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