[xml] [patch] Cygwin update for 2.4.12

The top level Makefile.am change requires automake 1.5 - if you're not
using that currently then skip that one file (I'll happily resend a
truncated patch if you desire).

Also, I realise that many of the ifdef (__CYGWIN__) changes should be
tested for by feature - but they are already incorrect in that they are
being tested for by WIN32 - which is by OS not by feature. If you would
prefer a set of test-by-feature tests, then I can do that - as long as
someone tells me how the Visual C compiler is given the configure


2001-12-17  Robert Collins rbtcollins hotmail com

    * include/libxml/xmlversion.h.in (LIBXML_DLL_IMPORT): Use on Cygwin
as well as Visual C.
    * parser.c (XML_DIR_SEP): Don't use '\\' for Cygwin.
    * parserInternals.c (XML_DIR_SEP): Don't use '\\' for Cygwin.
    * strio.c (PLATFORM_UNIX): Define for Cygwin.
    * triodef.h (TRIO_PLATFORM_UNIX): Define for Cygwin.
    * xmlIO.c (xmlFileOpen): Use unix behaviour for Cygwin.
    Use binary mode opens for Cygwin.
    (xmlFileOpenW): Use unix behaviour for Cygwin.
    (xmlParserGetDirectory): Ditto.
    (xmlSysIDExists): Ditto.
    (xmlNoNetExists): Ditto.
    (xmllint.c): Don't include winsock2.h for Cygwin.

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