Re: [xml] A little patchie before the Christmas

  I don't really understand why this function needs a special treatment,
applied anyway

It must be the age. Now that you mentioned a function, I saw what kind of
mess I did. I have inserted that function in the export list by cutting and
pasting around and in that process, that 'DATA' qualifier you see after the
names of the exported variables in .def.src somehow escaped my attention and
remained there. When I saw that the export doesn't work, I revised the
things and saw that 'DATA' being there. Having saw that, I assumed it is a
variable and gave it the macro in debugXML.h, blind like a bat to the fact
that I was tending a function.

Of course, the macro in the debugXML.h header is unnecessary, it is the
.def.src file which must loose the 'DATA' qualifier after the specification
for xmlBoolToText.

What can I say? I drop onto my knees and beg for forgiveness, saying sorry,
sorry, sorry, my fault, my shame,
I am to blame,
to be put aflame,
it gives me no fame,
god curse my name,
may I never do the same
again :-)

The repaired .def.src is attached to this message. I just did a cvs diff and
it reported no differences to my local debugXML.h, which does not have that
macro anymore. I assume the change is not in the CVS yet. Whatever, it is
not a big deal, the macro won't do any harm.

Marry Xmas and happy New Year

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