[xml] xmlcatalog bug?

Hi all,

I've been looking at getting the win32 version of xmlcatalog to work. But  
found a problem given the following shell commands

set XML_CATALOG_FILES="file:///c:\etc\xml\catalog"

xmlcatalog -v --noout --create "c:\etc\xml\catalog"

xmlcatalog -v --noout --add public "-//xsldbg//DTD search XML V1.0//EN" 
"file:///c:\Program Files\xsldbg\docs\en\search.dtd"  "c:\etc\xml\catalog"

xmlcatalog -v --noout --add public "-//xsldbg//DTD xsldoc XML V1.0//EN" 
"file:///c:\Program Files\xsldbg\docs\en\xsldoc.dtd"  "c:\etc\xml\catalog"

I get a error message

----------cut ----------------

F:\lang\c\xsldbg\docs\en\website>xmlcatalog -v --noout --add public 
DTD xsldoc XML V1.0//EN" "file:///c:/Program Files\xsldbg\docs\en\xsldoc.dtd" 
0 Parsing catalog c:\etc\xml\catalog
public entry 'uri' broken ?: file:///c:/Program 
c:\etc\xml\catalog added to file hash
Adding element public to catalog
Catalogs cleanup
Free catalog entry -//xsldbg//DTD xsldoc XML V1.0//EN
Free catalog entry c:\etc\xml\catalog
Free catalog entry


-------------cut -------------------------

I understood that in a URI after the "file:///"  can be a any valid system 
file path? It worth noting that xmlcatalog is reading the URI  
"file:///c:\etc\xml\catalog" without any problems, it just can parse it.  
 "0 Parsing catalog c:\etc\xml\catalog"

I'm using libml-2.4.12



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