Re: [xml] problem compiling libxml++-0.13 with libxml2-2.2.12

"Daniel" == Daniel Veillard <veillard redhat com> writes:

    Daniel>   I don't even remember how old 2.2.12 is. The latest is
    Daniel> 2.4.12.  Can you check this first ? I never used or even
    Daniel> compiled libxml++ so I hope someone else will be able to
    Daniel> help with this.

That did it.  Thanks.  

I thought I did have the latest version with 22.12.  Opera 6.0 has a
weird bug where it sometimes shows you only partial listings of dirs.
When I pointed it at

It only lists the files up to 2.2.12.  I have encountered this bug
before in ftp dirs with opera.  

But all is well now; thanks again.

John Hunter

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