[xml] dtd's and saving with document

Hi all,

I'm trying to assign a extern and system id to a xml document and then saving 
to file

-----cut --------- my code
    xmlDocPtr searchDataBase = xmlNewDoc((xmlChar *) "1.0");
    if (searchDataBase) {
                "-//xsldbg//DTD xsldoc XML V1.0//EN", 
      searchDataBaseRoot = xmlNewNode(NULL, (xmlChar *) "search");

      xmlSaveFormatFile("search.data", searchDataBase, 1);

------cut -----------

But the extern and system id are not written to file.  I have confirmed that  
the document has a valid extSubset (using debugger). But that gnome-xml 
doesn't seem to even look at extSubset when processing the document to write 
to file  
  ---cut --   from gnome-xml's  tree.c line 6097

    if (cur->children != NULL) {
        xmlNodePtr child = cur->children;

        while (child != NULL) {
            xmlNodeDumpOutput(buf, cur, child, 0, format, encoding);
            xmlOutputBufferWriteString(buf, "\n");
            child = child->next;


What am I doing wrong? I'm sure this is possible!



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