[xml] Validating using IO parser context

Hello out there,

again one more try. Maybe i was sketchy explaining my problem b4.
So, here it goes:

I'm trying to validate a document while parsing it in an parser context
created by 

  origParserCtxt = xmlCreateIOParserCtxt(<snip/>);

with an already opened filedescriptor. I've set

  xmlDoValidityCheckingDefaultValue = 1;

I'm using an externalEntityLoader to fetch the DTD, set by


Works fine so far, but the externalEntityLoader fail to load the DTD.
It's clear (thank you, Daniel) that i've to provide an base-URI, since there
is none specified in an IOParserContext
created with a filedescriptor and the DTD is linked by an RELATIV
URI-reference (...SYSTEM "someDTD.dtd").
It's also clear (at least i guess so) that my externalEntityLoader has to
compute the path to the DTD.

The question is HOW can i provide the base URI in a way that the
externalEntityLoader can acces it?
The externalEntityLoader runs in a parserContext provided by it's signatur

  static xmlParserInputPtr  myEntityLoader(const char *URL,  const char *ID,
xmlParserCtxtPtr ctxt)

but that's NOT the context 'origParserCtxt' of the XML-Document
(i guess that's by nature, it's his own context used to parse th DTD), so i
CAN'T define the base URI in

  origParserCtxt->myDoc->URL (origParaserCtxt->myDoc in anyway is NULL
before parsing).

So, again the question:
Is there a way in libxml to provide a base URL to a XML document so that an
externalEntityLoader can access it?

Mit freundlichen Gruessen - Kind regards
Markus Henke

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