RE: [xml] Win32 Facelift No.2

Hmm... It seems I am misunderstanding something. If you wish to dive
into the libxml during a debug session, then you need the source code,

It's mostly for convenience (translate: laziness).  I want to be able to
test against
version X quicly by dropping in the binaries/.pdbs and attempting to
duplicate a problem.  Having full 
debug info including good stack trace and symbol names is helpful.  Either
way I still use the source.

Unfortunately, in my application I make too much use of the extensions and
other software dependencies to be 
able to put together a good regression test system.  I'm working on that...
But as such, it requires a massive amount of time and testing to switch
versions of any component, so any help for quick tests is much appreciated.

Either way, you shall get the PDB and I hope it helps you.


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