RE: [xml] XPath Infinities

Hi there.

float xmlXPathDivideBy(float f, float fzero) {
f = 0/1/-1;
fzero = 0.0;
f = xmlXPathDivideByZero(f, fzero);
If both of you could check this solution I think it's the best to do
(should work with MS compiler too).

Well, I am not one of the two, but I still took freedom to check it :-)
MS compiler handles this gracefully and produces the desired results.
Win32/MSCC is set with this solution.

Something off-topic:

While playing with the above code, I was checking if the call to signal(3)
would do anything unexpected under Win32/MSCC and found the following
paragraph in the MSDN:

----- Quote from MSDN, Jan 2001 -----

Note SIGINT is not supported for any Win32 application including Windows NT
and Windows 95. When a CTRL+C interrupt occurs, Win32 operating systems
generate a new thread to specifically handle that interrupt. This can cause
a single-thread application such as UNIX, to become multithreaded, resulting
in unexpected behavior. 

----- Quote from MSDN, Jan 2001 -----

Eh? UNIX is a typical example of a single-threaded application which becomes
multi-threaded when you hit CTRL-C in Windows? And when it goes
multithreaded, it results in an unexpected behaviour? Well... just like
Monty Python would say: Goooood Niiiiightlinglinglingling...


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