Re: [xml] XPath Infinities

Ray Strode wrote:

No, it says RedHat 7.0, but good to test on that too,

Actually, the filed bug report does not mention this.

Nevermind, I have the information now.

                                                     although Daniel
said that it isn't as much of a priority as RedHat.

Of course he does -- ever noticed where he works ;)

I personally regard Digital Unix as higher priority than RedHat on Alpha
as the former is more widespread on that hardware (and part of our
supported platforms at work).

If you use GCC on Alpha, then 0/0 will normally result in a core dump.
Yup, but 0/0.0 doesn't (at least on RedHat 7.0).

Hmmm... since there seem to be a difference between 0/0 and 0/0.0, I
should probably be more careful about my wording. I meant that 0.0/0.0
will result in a core dump on Digital Unix with GCC. As you will notice
from my previously attached test program, I was using

  double SetNaN()
    return 0.0 / 0.0;

So, you have to ignore SIGFPE on Alpha using GCC.
I don't know about Tru64, but on RedHat you don't.

Ok, then my patch is appropriate for Digital Unix, and it does not disturb
the RedHat workaround.

Or are you saying that the bug still existed on OSF?
With the native C compiler, yes.
But the other part of your patch was for the native C compiler, yea?
(I mean the -ieee stuff).  Or is xpath.diff necessary for the native C
compiler, too?

Oh, another sentence I didn't finish before I accidentially hit the Send
button. Let me try once more.

The problem still existed (exits?) on Digital Unix. The patch to
was to deal with the native C compiler. The patch to xpath.c was to deal with
GCC on Digital Unix.

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