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To complete Igor's EXCELENT (thank you very much!) piece of work with the
Win32 version, we could add the following fixes:

1) Occurrences of "xmlXPathFreeNodeSetList" that are undefined when
"LIBXML_XPATH_ENABLED" on debugxml.c

2) Change "struct stat stat_buffer" to "struct _stat stat_buffer" on

3) An undefined on strio.c. NDEBUG is already defined on non-debug builds.

I did those changes but (since I'm a poor non-windows programmer and I do
not know how to use the patch methods that the *nix guys use) I do not know
how to supply those patches.

A last question. When I try to create a very basic XML parser changing the
xmlversion.h configuration, we cannot remove ( by #if 0) the
LIBXML_HTML_ENABLED (lots of compilation errors). It's possible to remove
the HTML parsing support? If "yes" then how?



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No objections from me. However, I see that #define
there? Or am I looking at the wrong release?

To answer this part to myself, I was looking at the wrong file. Five
negative points for me :-)

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