[xml] ' -> ' transform


In the file entities.c from the line 661 (On latest CVS),
there are codes like:

#if 0
        } else if ((*cur == '\'') && (!html)) {
            *out++ = '&';
            *out++ = 'a';
            *out++ = 'p';
            *out++ = 'o';
            *out++ = 's';
            *out++ = ';';

Why these codes are disabled by '#if 0'?
I think it is unexpected that &apos is dumped as '
while &quot is dumped as ".

( I'm sorry if this is FAQ.)


I want following problem to be fixed...
Yuuichi Teranishi <teranisi gohome org>
PGP 5.0i Public Key: http://www.gohome.org/pgp5/teranisi.key
"Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see..."

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