Re: [xml] Still trying to handle entities using the SAX interface

On Wednesday 18 April 2001 15:24, Daniel Veillard wrote:

I discovered that line 4931 in parser.c is triggering the error :

  error in your viewpoint ....

Yes, I admit that I am the last person who can talk of errors in the 
library... I don't know enough how it works, for sure.

  Now if you make a patch wich don't break binary compatibility and don't
break the whole enviroment I will certainely take it.

I just brutally tried adding a global variable which is set only by the 
xmlSAXUserParseFile and xmlSAXUserParseMemory functionsm, and then adding a 
test for its value in order to pass NULL or ctxt->userData to the 
xmlParseBalancedChunkMemory and xmlParseExternalEntity functions, and "make 
check" now works as expected.
But, my program doesn't completely work as expected: entities substitution 
behaves differently within attributes and within elements.
So, I think I'll definitely use the DOM API.

Thank you.


        Fabrizio Ammollo

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