RE: [xml] Compilation problems


if you need string functions and trio gives you headaches
you should check out
although labeled alpha it's quite stable for my apps
and even features regular-expression support.

-- Alfred Reibenschuh

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Olivier Dwelshauvers wrote:

Libxml2-2.3.5 is working well, almost out of the box except for the
XPath problem (null division).

Try to insert the following line before the first division by zero in
xpath.c / xmlXPathInit(), and let us know if it works.

  signal(SIGFPE, SIG_IGN);

cc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I. -I. -I./include -I./include -g -c trio.c
-DPIC -o .libs/trio.lo
cc: Error: trio.c, line 2172: In this statement, "0" and "(args)" cannot
be compared for equality or inequality. (noequality)
cc: Error: trio.c, line 2680: In this statement, "0" and "(args)" cannot
be compared for equality or inequality. (noequality)

The immediate solution to your problem is to remove those two lines (and
similar lines, if the compiler continues to complain). They are only
intended for a debug built, and even in a debug built they aren't 

The DECC compiler does not seem to handle assertions correctly. Although
it correctly complains about the "noequality" -- on 64 bits Alpha machines
the va_list is not a pointer to the list as on other platforms, but is
encoded directly into the parameter -- it should not even try to compile
the code unless DEBUG has been defined (if DEBUG is undefined, the trio
sourcecode will automatically define NDEBUG which disables assertions).

However, this is not the first time that the DECC compiler is giving me
these problems. I will look into creating a permanent solutions next week
(the same applies to the trio compilation problems on Windows).

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