Re: [xml] Patches for Win32/MSCC build

Igor Zlatkovic wrote:

So far so true. I don't know if libxml2 is consuming trio from another
project, but it is obvious that trio has not been written just for libxml2.

Yes, trio was originally written for another (now extinct) project,
whose name started with 'tr' -- hence the name 'trio'. Today it exists
as a project of its own, and is is used in a couple of different projects.

keep the master copy. Other than that, Daniel mentioned that the trio we
have here is probably old and that things might look quite different with
the newest one.

I plan to upgrade libxml to the newest version of trio some time next week,
unless somebody beats me to it :)

All we can do now is ask: Bjorn, where can we get the newest (s)trio? :-)

The baseline version of trio is available from

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