intltool-update complains over files it should ignore

I am getting incorrect complaints over quotes with 0.40.6.  The problem
is not new with that version.  There are two problems here.

1. tools/win32/ is in POTFILES.skip and really should be ignored.
    Alternatively there should be an option to exclude parts of the tree.
2. There is nothing wrong with line 97 in there.  The tripple quotes combined
    with line continuation seems to confuse intltool-update.

welinder anemone:~/gnome/gnumeric/po> intltool-update -m --verbose
Searching for missing translatable files...
Found POTFILES.skip: Ignoring files...
mismatched quotes at line 97 in ../tools/win32/
mismatched quotes at line 101 in ../tools/win32/

Segment of starting at line 97:
module_autogenargs['gettext'] = autogenargs + """ --without-emacs \
						  --disable-libasprintf \
                                                  --disable-java \
                                                  --disable-native-java \

Report bugs to (product name "intltool")
or send email to <xml-i18n-tools gnome org>.

Reporting bugs at bugzilla has been turned off.  This help text should be
updated accordingly.

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