Re: Adding files to

Well, is INI like format, so it is possible to extract the 
strings by doing the following in


without hacking intltool. Still there need to be added a rule for
merging back, if that is needed. 

Is someone good at making rules, I would like some more general ones,

It would be nicer with something like INTLTOOL_INI_RULE (,
server) or something like that, if it can be made?

I have no idea if that is possible or not.


ons, 2002-01-16 kl. 12:35 skrev Glynn Foster:
> Heya,
> I guess the topic pretty much says it all. Perhaps if this is a 'yes'
> then we should hack intltool-update to include these files when
> checking. Anyway, I've gone ahead and committed them to gnome-core so
> someone shout if they are not supposed to be.
> 			Thanks,	
> 				Glynn ;)
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