Re: Automatic UTF-8 recoding in intltool-update

On 1/15/02 5:13 PM, "Christian Rose" <menthos menthos com> wrote:

> Since I heard from Carlos that UTF-8 will after all be required in GNOME
> 2, due to compability concerns with older glibcs and other libcs, I am
> worried that the lack of support for UTF-8 in many regular editors (like
> emacs) will be a problem for the translation work.
> What about a recoding feature in intltool-update (using iconv) that will
> recode the file from UTF-8 into another specified charset, and then the
> possibility to reverse process after updating the file... I know I could
> just as easily run iconv by hand, but with support in intltool-update it
> would be one command less that I have to run.
> What do you think? Am I just weird?

I wouldn't mind if someone decided to add this feature; anything you'd find
handy is fine for intltool-update.

But I'd really like to fix the documentation in intltool first. It's really
embarassing right now.

    -- Darin

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