A plan for xml-i18n-tools and gnome 2

I'm a little annoyed at the half-ass step we took with version 0.9.5 of just
renaming the tarball to a new name, without changing anything else about
xml-i18n-tools -- I really don't see how this gets us any closer to
completing the name change. I also think 0.9.5 is not a good version number.
It should have been version 0.10.

But enough about the past. On to the future.

I propose that we relegate the name "xml-i18n-tools" and the script names
and file names with "xml-i18n-" as a prefix to gnome 1 compatibility. Then
gnome 2 programs can just use things by the intltool name, and the tools can
behave in a way that's suitable for the UTF-8 gnome 2 world.

Here's my detailed proposal:

    1) xml-i18n-tools.spec.in is renamed intltool-spec.in and updated as
necessary with the rest of these changes.

    2) xml-i18n-tools.m4 is renamed intltool.m4 and contains two sets of
macros -- one set with the old names for compatibility (and without the
UTF-8 support you'd need for gnome 2) and one set with the new names,
shedding compatibility (assuming UTF-8 for everything, I guess). We could
remove some of the options added recently since we'll have this dichotomy.

    3) xml-i18n-toolize.in is broken into two scripts. The compatibility one
is named xml-i18n-toolize.in, and the new one is named intltoolize.in.

    4) All other source files named xml-i18n-* are renamed intltool-*. And
the generated files are renamed similarly (without the .in bit).

    5) xml-i18n-toolize installs intltool-*.in as xml-i18n-*.in for
compatibility, but intltoolize installs them under their new name.

    6) Makefile.am is set up to install only intltool-* files. No need for
compatibility for the installed tools.

    7) Update README to explain how to convert a gnome 1 package to use the
gnome 2 version, and explain the compatibility strategy, without being so
long-winded that it's hard to understand.

    8) (optional) Change Makefile to install an empty xml-i18n-tools.m4 or
remove the old xml-i18n-tools.m4 to reduce the chance of failures for people
who aren't using a package manager.

The only thing I don't know about is how to change the name of the cvs
repository from xml-i18n-tools to intltool.


Maciej, if you like this idea, then it's probably good to do the copying in
the cvs repository to get this underway or get me the account I need so I
can do it.

    -- Darin

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