Re: New mailing list

On 08Sep2001 05:51PM (+0200), Kenneth Rohde Christiansen wrote:
> Well maybe also gnome-i18n gnome org
> Btw, shouldn't we change the name of the tools for gnome 2.0
> My suggestion was intltool or intltools. I made some bugentrees
> at Red Hat bugzilla for getting some apps to use xml-i18n-tool 
> and I had a lot of explaining to do because of the name. They 
> just closed the entrees and said that it couldn't use xml-i18n...
> since it didn't use xml. I really would like to avoid such things
> in the future. What do you think?

I don't mind renaming the package, although at this point we'll have
to provide compatibility macros and scripts with the old names, I
think. Actually, this could help solve the problem of detecting
version 0.9 or later, which packages that use unicode format will want
to do.

 - Maciej

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