Re: intltool 0.10 release

> >   5) xml-i18n-toolize installs intltool-*.in as xml-i18n-*.in for
> > compatibility, but intltoolize installs them under their new name.

People expressed the wish of using the gettext naming, like msgupdate,
msgextract, msgmerge, intltool-prepare, etc. Any thoughsx

> I chose to retain the xml-i18n-tools.m4 file and keep the compatibility
> macros in there.

Good idea

> > The only thing I don't know about is how to change the name of the cvs
> > repository from xml-i18n-tools to intltool.
> Done. The repository is now called intltool, but there is a symbolic link to
> it at xml-i18n-tools to avoid short-term confusion. We can remove that link
> any time we want.


> I think I'm about ready to do an intltool 0.10 release. Any thoughts on
> that?

Good idea, then carlos at last gets his scm rule :)


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