Re: The changes at GNOME 2.0 to use glib-gettextize

En jue, 2001-11-01 a 17:51, Darin Adler escribió:
> on 11/1/01 3:28 AM, Carlos Perelló Marín at carlos gnome-db org wrote:
> > En jue, 2001-11-01 a 02:14, Darin Adler escribió:
> >> on 10/31/01 5:11 PM, Carlos Perelló Marín at carlos gnome-db org wrote:
> >> 
> >>> Hi, as you know the GNOME 2.0 modules had been modified to use
> >>> GETTEXT_PACKAGE instead PACKAGE to refer the locale domain. The problem
> >>> is that intltool-* use PACKAGE instead GETTEXT_PACKAGE and generate .pot
> >>> files with wrong names. I cannot fix it now, I have no time to do it.
> >>> Could you view it?
> >> 
> >> I believe this is already fixed on HEAD. Jacob took care of it. Are you
> >> talking about HEAD intltool, or the last release?
> > 
> > I was using vicious-build-scripts, so I'm using the latest HEAD
> > intltool. I have modified glade2 as Jacob did and if I execute
> > intltoo-update it generates glade.pot instead of glade-2.0.pot
> Oh, intltool-update! The part of intltool that I keep working and test is
> the stuff that's actually used at build time, intltool-extract and
> intltool-merge.

But the intltool-update is broken!!!

> The intltool-update script, which is a convenience for starting to use
> intltool on a package for the first time, has no tests in the intltool tests
> directory, and is something I've never used myself at all. I do by hand the
> things that intltool-update does for you.

Then, How do you generate the .pot files?

> But I'd be happy to take a patch to fix intltool-update!

I have try it but I need to learn mucho more perl :-(

> I might eventually fix it myself, although I'd prefer to have some test
> cases rather than changing the program without any tests.
> You said "intltool-* use PACKAGE instead GETTEXT_PACKAGE". I'm pretty sure
> that's only intltool-update, not the other scripts. If I'm wrong, please let
> me know.

I haven't seen any intltool-* script that use GETTEXT_PACKAGE from, Well, I think that only intltool-update looks for the
package name, so the other scripts are right (I think...)


P.S.: intltool-update is also broken for packages like Pan && libtop.
P.S.2: I will fill a bug report today.

>     -- Darin
Carlos Perelló Marín
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