Re: [xml-bindings]a C# binding for libxml2 started

If memory serves me right, Daniel Veillard wrote:
> > 
>   Okay, I have added a link from the bindings pages on


> Do you plan to also provide bindings for the XSLT library ?

Well the more the merrier... but my first concern is taking libxml#
to version 0.1 ;-) . I'm not still into mapping the DTD or NS stuff.

> Also one important point is how close your bindings are to the
> native C# XML APIs,

Not very close .. From what I could see , they can be mapped to some
extent .. (

But my concern has been more in the direction of usability than common
features. Instead of introducing a design step, I decided to follow
the API as I could see from the tree.h files ....

PS: I really wish you would use an XML_NODE_COMMON macro for the 
    common fields of the nodes, it took me a while to find out which
    where the common fields ;-)

> there might be some interesting work to do w.r.t. the Push mode 
> (where only a subset of the aqssociated tree is actually
> exposed through the interface, there is no such parsing API in libxml2
> ATM and this is an area to explore).

I'm not sure. I'm practically a newbie into XML (let alone parsers).
All I can promise is to wrap as much of tree.h as possible...

I'm trying for a SAX parser , but it is hampered by the lack of delegates
in Portable.Net implementation and a GC bug which disallows method
invocation from native ...

The difference between insanity and genius is measured by success

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