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On 06/09/2016 07:40, Martin Graesslin wrote:
On Thursday, June 9, 2016 7:34:57 AM CEST Yonas Yanfa wrote:
I would love the ability to make use of named/tagged virtual desktops.

A "named virtual desktop" is a virtual desktop that has a unique title,
like "Work desktop". Each virtual desktop would have only one unique name.

A "tagged virtual desktop" is a virtual desktop that has been assigned
one or more tags, like "work", "sports", "gnome coding", etc.

Here are a few ideas on how applications could make use of them:

- mail clients (eg. Thunderbird) could load your work email accounts for
your "Work" virtual desktop
- web browsers (eg. Firefox) could load work and sports related
bookmarks for virtual desktops with the tags "work", and "sports", as
well as work-related add-ons for your "Work" virtual desktop
- text editors could use four space indentation for virtual desktops
tagged "gnome coding", and three space indentation for desktops tagged
"personal coding".

Tags could be added or removed at any time, allowing you to quickly
customize all applications placed on a virtual desktop without
restarting the applications.

Tags could be shared across multiple virtual desktops (i.e. they are not
restricted to one virtual desktop).

Once the API is published, application vendors could add support for
named/tagged virtual desktops, or allow plugin developers to implement
this in their own creative ways.

The difference between this and Qubes OS is that Qubes OS completely
separates applications into their own "domains" as a security feature.
Named/tagged virtual desktops isn't about security or program isolation
- applications should be able to access the same filesystem, clipboard,
etc, as usual, but simply store and present application data and
preferences uniquely per named/tagged virtual desktop for users that
choose to make use of the feature.

Does this appeal to anyone else?

Has anyone already began work on this?
>From what you describe that sounds a lot like KDE's Activity concept, see

Very interest, thanks :)

They already have some code up:


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