On Mon 27 Oct 2014 at 08:59:17 +0100, Martin Gräßlin wrote:
Qt 5's XCB backend doesn't support many "deprecated" features where there is a 
EWMH replacement. For example it also doesn't support setting a window icon 
through the WM_HINTS (ICCCM section property. Given that I 
interpreted this as a design decision to not support the "deprecated" hints in 
the new implementation.

Does it check first if the relevant EWMH feature is supposed to be
supported by the window manager? If not, that is a bug (in Qt), in my

In my mind there can be two ways an application goes about it:

- blindly use EWMH features, but then it should set related ICCCM
  properties as well, for interoperability.

- check for EWMH features, and use them if supported. Otherwise, use
  ICCCM features instead.

After all, there are plenty of window managers which don't support EWMH,
or don't support it in all respects.

Since window managers can be changed at any time, I think that the
first approach is somewhat safer -- an application has to do a lot of
work to detect that the window manager suddenly does not support
_NET_WM_NAME any more, and compensate for that.

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