New hint for clients that grab the keyboard


I'd like to propose a new window state hint for applications that currently grab the entire keyboard.

Software such as VNC/RDP clients and virtual machine viewers generally want to grab the entire keyboard when focused, so that everything (including WM key combinations) can be captured. This however leaves the user unable to escape the application using the keyboard, e.g. by switching to another window or desktop. It would be nice if the user could whitelist some WM key combinations (for example, the key combinations for switching virtual desktops) so that they work even if the current window wants to grab most keys.

XGrabKeyboard is a bit of a drastic measure because it's very difficult to (or impossible to reliably) exclude some keys from the grab, such as window manager key combinations. I propose a way to "grab the keyboard" without using XGrabKeyboard.

The new window state could be called something like _NET_WM_STATE_GRAB_KEYBOARD. What it would do is disable all WM key combinations when the window has input focus, except a user-defined whitelist. The whitelist could be a part of WM configuration, so that the same keys work consistently across different apps. When using this window state, clients wouldn't need to use XGrabKeyboard at all. Clients can detect the availability of the state via _NET_SUPPORTED and fall back to using XGrabKeyboard if it's unavailable.

Rationale for putting this in the WM:

1) Usually the WM is what uses the most (if not all) passive grabs on the user's system. 2) The WM knows what hotkeys it uses and offers a configuration interface for them, making it the easiest for the WM to manage the list of whitelisted hotkeys. 3) Implementation of this in the WM should be fairly straightforward: Remove passive grabs when a window in this state receives focus, and re-grab the keys when focus is lost.

As a further improvement, a list of hotkeys that work even in grab mode could be provided as another hint, so that applications can provide a menu for people to input them into the remote/virtual machine. Some way of informing the few apps besides the WM that use passive grabs about the grab state so that they can release/re-grab their keys could also be considered.

Related to the issue of switching away from windows that grab the keyboard I found this feature request: , which seems like a somewhat better way of implementing this. However the last status update says it's possibly scheduled for "XI2.1" which, at least according to Google, doesn't even seem to exist yet.

- Matti Virkkunen

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