lately we've seen more interest in semantic desktop, and one thing we're missing is a standardized way to determine what document(-s) is an application working with (see [1] for more background info).

Nepomuk guys are already starting to use special DBus service to which supported apps talk, and we in Zeitgeist are also using plugins for various apps to tell us which resource they use. Therefore I suggest adding new X property where windows would indicate which resource is currently opened inside them and update this property when another document is opened or tab with different document is activated.

There were also suggestions to make this property a list of uris, but I'm still not convinced this is a good idea - we shouldn't automatically assume that all uris opened in an app are related to each other (see people using lots of tabs in browsers, never-ending list of uris for media-players, ...).

This will also allow implementing document-based pagers to push the limits of current application-based ones.

Michal Hruby

[1] http://mhr3.blogspot.com/2010/05/lets-make-users-lives-easier.html

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