On Friday 19 of February 2010, MK wrote:
> Hi.  I am trying to use EWMH to fullscreen windows under a number of
> wm's claiming compliance.
> I've attached the code I'm currently using for this.  The relevant
> function is fullscreenEWMH(), about 40 lines.  The other 3 functions are
> internal or for checking compliance.
> Anyway, so far this works on fvwm and problematically on metacity -- it
> will work when called on a window from a separate process, but not if
> included in application code.

 Quite possibly because the function opens a separate X connection for 
whatever reason, so maybe the event about changing the window state is in 
fact sent before the main X connection is flushed and the event creating the 
window is sent.

> I've had a few suggestions from the 
> metacity-devel list (which appears abandoned) and xdg suggesting
> setting the 4th element of the array to 1 or 2; this does
> not help.  I'm also uncertain as to what event mask to use. :
"event-mask      (SubstructureNotify|SubstructureRedirect)"

> I'd also like to find out why XSendEvent always returns 1
> ('BadRequest'), regardless of whether the request works or not.

 man XSendEvent:
"XSendEvent returns zero if the conversion to wire protocol format failed and 
returns nonzero otherwise."

 Lubos Lunak
 openSUSE Boosters team, KDE developer
 l lunak suse cz , l lunak kde org

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