Re: multiple strut at same edge?

Following up on my earlier posting on I have found the following
suggestion that fvwm believes that by default struts are additive:


*FvwmNetHints: MyStrut left right top bottom
    Where left, right, top and bottom are positive or null integer
which represent an area in pixels from the left of the screen to left,
from the right of the screen to right, from the top of the screen to
top and from the bottom of the screen to bottom. This area is added to
the strut area which is computed from the compilant application
WM_STRUT hint. The strut area is the area from which the working area
is defined: the working area is the complement of the strut area vs
the screen. This option is totally dynamic.

*FvwmNetHints: StrutOverride
    Where bool is either True of False. If bool is True, then
FvwmNetHints take in account only the MyStrut FvwmNetHints
configuration option to compute the working area. Default is False.
This option is totally dynamic.



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