Re: multiple strut at same edge?

On Wed, Jul 1, 2009 at 9:56 AM, Lubos Lunak<l lunak suse cz> wrote:
>  The spec says "The property contains 4 cardinals specifying the width of the
> reserved area at each border of the screen". This does not explicitly say it,
> but I read "reserved area at border" as meaning the struct needs to be
> absolute. And that is also how the KDE3 panel used it and it worked. So
> changing this could mean breaking backwards compatibility.

Are you saying that the KDE3 panel was/is capable of positioning
itself immediately adjacent to an earlier strut that had already taken
up a position at the actual screen edge?  That is the only case of
interest.  Otherwise I do no understand what you believe would be

>  On the other hand I agree that this case isn't covered very well in the spec
> and perhaps could use at least a clarification.

It sounds like you are suggesting simply codifying the currently
observed behavior.  If you do go that route then I would request that
you also provide description of an approved algorithm by which a
window can reliably set and maintain its partial strut property so as
to avoid overlapping struts while always maximizing the central
workspace in the face of arbitrary other struts coming and going.


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