> See what we propose adding below, and diff attached. I'm pretty new to all this,
> so comment/correct as necessary. One issue: the size of
> is limited to 20 bytes. It seems reasonable to me that systems will have no more
> than 255 monitors, and that clients of FULLSCREEN_MONITORS will not specify more
> than 18 monitors to use while in fullscreen. Let me know if this isn't safe, or
> if there's a better way to reliably specify some subset of a system's monitors.

Presumably the monitors used will be a rectangular array. You could
just specify a top-left and bottom-right monitor. Or maybe it would be
easier to specify x- and y-coordinates in the root window, since
monitors tend to be of different sizes. It really depends on what the
applications are, I think.

About your proposal, I think you should let each window manager decide
what to do with transient windows, though I'd expect most will do what
you suggested. Also, I don't see any reason the property should be
written by the window manager and communicated through client
messages. The client can add the hint to its own window with fewer
context switches.


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