Re: Need a synthetic ConfigureNotify clarification/extension in the spec (and I don't know what it should be)

I thought I would comment on the above mentioned mail. I don't have to original anymore, so here's the link to the archive:

Specifically, I wanted to bring up the necessity of the synthetic ConfigureNotify in response to a MapRequest. My thought is that since most window managers implement some sort of smart placement algorithm, the synthetic ConfigureNotify is needed for all windows, regardless of whether or not PPosition or USPosition is set.

Of course, since I originally reported the bug in Metacity, it's because of selfish reasons that I bring this up again (I would love to see the bug fixed, so that I can tell my users/customers that it will work at some point). Hi, Elijah :)

Just my USD $0.02.


Bradley T. Hughes - bhughes at

Trolltech ASA - Sandakervn. 116, P.O. Box 4332 Nydalen, 0402 Oslo, Norway

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