Sorry I've fallen prey to a keyboard shortcut bug in ubuntu.  See
correction below.

On Wed, 2005-05-25 at 16:57 -0700, Rob Adams wrote:
> > Well, you may be right, I don't know.  The smarter guys like Lubos and
> > Rob will have to comment here about the intention of
> Well I don't want to claim I'm smarter than Elijah (especially since, as
> the one who wrote most of the code, his expertise in this matter now
> exceeds my own), but the basic reason for DEMANDS_ATTENTION was that the
> semantics were actually somewhat different than Urgent, plus its allowed
> to be set by the WM, and perhaps more importantly 
*unset* by the window manager
> , which is required for this use of it.
> The lack of Urgent support in GNOME is really more of an oversight and
> we really should get around to supporting it.  Honestly it should
> probably just be a if (DEMANDS_ATTENTION or Urgent) then do something
> attention-grabbing but not focus-grabbing.
> The relevent bug is here:
> I think at this point we can probably move the part of the discussion
> involving the GNOME implemention to the comments on that bug, since
> we're way offtopic now.
> -Rob

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