want to click to focus WITHOUT raise

I've been using Solaris with CDE for years,
and am switching to Linux as my primary desktop
at work.  I installed Fedora Core 3.  I'm going
vanilla as much as possible.  However, one aspect
I *really* want to customize is the behavior of
window selection/raising.  My Solaris CDE settings
were such that if I click inside a window then that
window would be selected WITHOUT raising the window.
If I want the window raised then I merely click
somewhere on the border.
I know that with GNOME/Sawfish in the past I was
able to do this, but this newfangled version doesn't
seem to support this capability.  Or is there something
I can do to some config file (.gconf/apps/metacity/general/%gconf.xml
maybe ??) to achieve this?
-Kurt Lloyd, kplloyd lucent com

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