Re: Still need a hint for undecorated windows

On Monday 27 of June 2005 18:00, Tuomo Valkonen wrote:
> On 2005-06-27, Lubos Lunak <l lunak suse cz> wrote:
> >  Hmm. It's been my understanding that WM_TRANSIENT_FOR is generally seen
> > as "that's my parent window" and that's about it. The ICCCM description
> > of it keeps up with the X's tradition of being as vague as possible.
> The name of the hint is quite clear an indication of its use: transient
> windows. Such things don't include toolboxes and such that can be as
> long-lived as the main window.

 Well, this wasn't that clear to me when looking at it in a dictionary. In 
fact I think I tried to ask a native speaker about what "transient windows" 
could mean *shrug*. And from the way WM_TRANSIENT_FOR is used it seems 
everybody considers it to be only "that's my mainwindow", at least I know a 
couple of cases where the window with the hint is hardly short-lived, yet it 
still qualifies for some of the meanings of transient from a dictionary.

 If that's wrong, we can mark WM_TRANSIENT_FOR as obsolete (as such meaning 
has no sense with EWMH) and need a hint for pointing to a mainwindow.

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