On Monday 11 of October 2004 19:08, Elijah Newren wrote:
> Hmm...replying to myself.  That can't be good.  :-)

> There is another issue I have thought of that could potentially be
> problematic:  Text selection can often be done via double-click (to
> select a word) or triple-click (to select a full line).  Yet a double
> click will act like ButtonPress, ButtonRelease, ButtonPress,
> ButtonRelease--resulting in the window being raised after the first
> ButtonRelease.  Does anyone see a clean way to support text-selection
> without raising using double and triple clicks?  I'm not sure it's a
> big deal, but I'd like to cover all cases if possible.

 I think the common practice with double-clicks is that they should be an 
extension of a single-click (e.g. single selects, double selects+activates). 
This way, I don't think it'd be possible to have a double-click not raise and 
single-click raise.

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