On Sunday 03 of October 2004 19:50, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm about 6 months late, but looking at:
> Since Elijah is hacking on implementing it:
> Should we go ahead and get this into the spec?

 I have an implementation for the spec not distinguishing between the actions 
the click/drag triggers, but I wanted to try to implement Olivier's idea to 
see how that would work, and haven't got to doing that yet :(.

> Question: does the spec really need to spell out waiting for button
> release, DND, etc. or can we leave this more policy-free?

 I think it'd be nice to have. There's a difference between DND and selecting 
a text, and it'd be nice to have no raise on DND and temporary raise while 
the text selection is done.

 On the other hand, that could be a pain to (fully) implement. All places 
handling press->move->release mouse would need to specify the kind, which 
could be many places, including application code. The Qt patch which doesn't 
make any difference between the actions is awfully simple. Maybe having a 
generic action handled in the toolkit as a fallback and the possibility for 
other code to specify exact action would do?

 Does perhaps somebody have at least kind of working implementation of this 

> It seems more important to say that the WM must pass through the button
> release than to say the client has to wait for it.

 Right, although not exactly. The spec should say the WM must pass through the 
button _press_, otherwise the app cannot start the DND operation or whatever. 
As already said in my reply to Elijah's mail, I think the app is then 
guaranteed to get the matching button release (I have no proof though, I'd 
have to investigate a bit).

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