Re: _NET_WORKAREA and dual head

Lubos Lunak (l lunak suse cz):

> Dne pá 12. b?ezna 2004 18:31 Rob Adams napsal(a):
> > [...]  But as I've said, the property does not yet exist -- it would
> > require modifying the specification.

  This is all quite sad for me. :)   OK, so on to finding the 'correct'

> Perhaps we should drop the _STRUT_PARTIAL hint (as it hasn't been part
> of any official spec release anyway), and go with _NET_WM_RESERVE_AREA
> or similar?  And _NET_WORKAREA would have to be extended (or
> deprecated in favour of another hint) to provide a list of workareas
> per every screen (or maybe it could be deprecated in favour of making
> desktop icons apps find out the available areas from the hints
> themselves, but that's probably too much).

  Since you mentioned desktop icon apps I have to bite.  The application
I was thinking of was in an application trying to open a dialog that is
close to my main window but is never behind a panel (tricky too with
autohiding panels to know the right answer!).  Still, it's the same as
the desktop icon case, I think, unless someone has another idea.

  Given that there are uses of this besides just knowing rectangular
regions acceptable for icons, I think the best thing is to have a list
of reserved areas not necessarily on screen boundaries and publish some
(simple) client code to determine a work area per head from that.  This
gives the most flexibility, I think the geometry calculations are simple
enough that it isn't a terrible burden on applications.


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