Re: _NET_WORKAREA and dual head

Rob Adams (readams readams net):

> The workarea is computed by simply subtracting the struts from the
> edges of the root window.  Well-behaved clients should not set struts
> in the middle of the screen, since as defined in the specification
> this would make an entire monitor effectively unusable if you're using
> a window manager (like metacity) that uses the struts to enforce
> constraints on windows.

  When you talk about setting the struts, do you mean it's OK to put a
panel in the middle of the screen but you should not set
_NET_WM_STRUT_PARTIAL?  That wouldn't work, since that is needed for
maximizing on one head and making sure dialogs don't pop up under

  Just looking around at the dual head setups here, people seem to like
panels on the inner edges of the monitors since it's quick to access
from both displays.

> I think that it would be useful to define an additional extension to
> struts that would allow a strut to be specified that applies to just
> one monitor, so you'd be able to set a strut on an internal edge and
> the window manager could, for example, use this information for
> maximizing windows but not treat them like regular struts for other
> purposes.

  You can determine this simply using the XINERAMA information and the
strut rectangles.


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