Re: _NET_WORKAREA and dual head

The workarea is computed by simply subtracting the struts from the edges
of the root window.  Well-behaved clients should not set struts in the
middle of the screen, since as defined in the specification this would
make an entire monitor effectively unusable if you're using a window
manager (like metacity) that uses the struts to enforce constraints on

I think that it would be useful to define an additional extension to
struts that would allow a strut to be specified that applies to just one
monitor, so you'd be able to set a strut on an internal edge and the
window manager could, for example, use this information for maximizing
windows but not treat them like regular struts for other purposes.

On Thu, 2004-03-11 at 21:07 -0600, Billy Biggs wrote:

>   The _NET_WORKAREA property loses some of its meaning when dealing with
> xinerama.  It only defines a single rectangle for each desktop, so it is
> unclear what to set it to if you have a panel in the middle of two
> monitors.
>   My assumption is that desktop icons can happily end up behind panels
> but I have not tested this.  It seems like a flaw though, even if it's
> not worth fixing, a behavior should be specified for this case.  I would
> suggest that the work area be limited to one head if a panel is put up
> in the middle.  However, I was originally interested in using this
> property to avoid looking all of the struts in order to know a good work
> area, at which point I would just suggest ignoring middle panels and
> only calculating based on panels which line up to one of the 'hard'
> edges.
>   Thoughts?
>   -Billy
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