Lubos Lunak wrote:
Dne pá 25. června 2004 20:26 Havoc Pennington napsal(a):

On Fri, 2004-06-25 at 14:13, Elijah P Newren wrote:

Unless I'm missing something or just not understanding, this solution
makes it impossible to have a window which is both minimized
and shaded--or else makes it impossible for tasklists and pagers to tell
if the window has both states set.

Shaded window = SHADED
Shaded/minimized window = HIDDEN, SHADED
Minimized window = HIDDEN
Unminimized, unshaded window = (blank)

2 boolean states = 2x2 = 4 combinations, each combination looks
different, right?

But shaded window == SHADED !HIDDEN breaks the purpose of HIDDEN - shaded windows shouldn't be visible in the pager (and in general, I think a shaded

This is a matter of opinion. Shaded windows do look rather nice in the pager. Blank pager looks rather wierd, when you have bunch of shaded windows on the screen.

window should be considered to be hidden - you can't see the contents after all, just like you don't see them when minimizing to icon or taskbar,

You do see the titlebar, through which application may convey some important information to you by changing its WM_NAME/_NET_WM_NAME. ICCCM gives same importance to both window contents and name, which makes sense, considering that X may run on some wierd displays, where window contents may not be visible some of the time.

although in all cases you can see something, be it the titlebar, icon or taskbar entry).

As long as either one of : WM_NAME, _NET_WM_NAME or window contents is visible on the screen HIDDEN should be turned off (or would be visible if its viewport was current).


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